Hooded Kids Cardigan Making

Hooded Kids Cardigan Making
Hooded Kids Cardigan Making

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How about making simple cardigans for your youngsters?

your kids will put on this headset with a headset that you simply can easily learn!

Let’s start in no time!


Kartopu No: 1 hand knitting thread;
THREE items of Tile (K1210) color thread
2 pieces of Gray (K1000) color thread5 mm 100 cm line skewer5 mm knitting bottle6 number of buttons


Sizes are appropriate for 2-2 years old.

5 mm trimmed skewers are used.

< strong> 1) It starts with A HUNDRED AND TWENTY loops.

within the complete fashion, knit harosa knit with 2 rows of tiles and 1 rows of gray yarn.

2) It continues to weave with 39 rows of issues.

THREE) Again and entrance 35- It Is divided into 50-35 stitches.

Front Faces

1) Knit 2 loops so as to give an armhole in the fortieth row.

2) 5 rows at the front faces with 30 loops.

THREE) 61st row (for the correct aspect) collar house 10 stitches are bring to an end the collar.

4) 62. 3 stitches are bring to a halt the collar.

FIVE) 63th place 7 loops are minimize from the shoulder.

6) The Ten loops remaining within the sixty fourth row are minimize in combination.

7) Loops at the left 26.40 .54. It Is prepared as knitting FIVE loops, open loops, knit 8 loops, open loops in collection.

Again Facet

1) Within The first row, a discount is made in the type of 2 knit from the sides, knit 2 loops together.

< strong> 2) 22 rows of knitwear are knitted.

THREE) 62th loops are separated as 17-ELEVEN-17.

< strong> 4) ELEVEN stitches are reduce directly. The shoulders are cut and finished in 7-10 form two times.


1) The shoulders are sewn and FIFTY EIGHT loops are removed from the collar. It’s larger in 3 rows and larger to 70 loops.

2) 35 rows are knit and stitched.


1) Begins with 18 loops.

2) 8 rows of harosa knitting.

THREE) For in-ear 14 rows of plain weave are made with grey.

FOUR) It’s sewn from the sides via giving an ear form.


Knitting needles are used.

1) Begin with FORTY THREE loops . 32 rows of knitwear are knitted.

2) 33 stitches are lower at the 33th row. 2 loops in each row are knitted in the row and afterwards, knitting 2 loops from front and knitting 2 loops in combination.

FOUR) Decrements are endured until THIRTEEN loops stay in the spit. 13 stitches are finished via chopping.

5) All parts are sewn and needles are inserted steadily.

kapusonlu-cocuk- hirkasi-yapi hooded-child-hirkasi-yapi

​​Well Being in your hand!

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