Hooded Pompom Baby Vest and Neckerchief Making

Hi everyone!

We Now Have a stylish vest and scarf pattern that you simply can handiest knit with rubber knitting and harosa knitting!

in case you are only starting knitting, you’ll be able to knit this simple style easily.

Let’s start now!


2 pieces of Snowball Jersey Marbling (H1401) hand knitting thread4.FIVE mm skewers5 buttons


Sizes 1-2 Appropriate for age.


We Commence from the collar.

1) We knit harosa knitting for two rows ranging from 84 loops.

2) We knit the edge patches for 1 row after the hahasa. We cut 1 stitch, we increase 1 stitch. We knit FIVE loops directly with the stitch we reduce. We minimize the 6th loop. in this method, we knit FIVE loops until the end of the row and reduce 1 loop. we will be able to attach our pompom thread to this perforated phase later.

THREE) The roba difference is as follows: 7 loops harosa facet paste, 14 loops entrance, 2 loops, THIRTEEN loops, 2 loops, 26 loops, 2 loops, THIRTEEN levers, 2 loops, 14 loops, 7 loops, and a loop facet. We higher the number of stitches in each of the auction websites. We knit the augmentation puts for haros, and the opposite portions for flat.

We minimize out the palms after FOUR rows.
we’re beginning to arrange our instance. We continue to knit 7 loop facet pastes along the knit. We knit 2 rows of 2 reverse, two flat rubber mesh. Then we knit 2 rows of harosa. Then we knit again 2 rows of rubber knitting from the similar line and a pair of rows of harosa knitting. on this manner, we proceed till the size we want.

6) Ahead Of we end we knit FIVE teeth of harosa.


We knit the remaining loops until they achieve the required size with a flat back at the front and a opposite knit on the again. After completing and slicing the loops, we fold and stitch them within the heart.

EIGHT) We tie and thread the perforated row that we knit prior to setting apart the yoke. Then we placed pompoms on both ends of our rope.

Our vest is ready!


hooded-pompom-baby-vest-again div>


1) We knit 2 rows of harosa knitting with 42 stitches.

2) We practice in the frame of our vest we also apply the style to the shawl.

It can be higher if we knit and end the last 2 rows before finishing.
hooded-pompon-baby-vest-and-weft-construction -9

Our shawl is ready!

Our vest and scarf set are in a position!


on your hands well being!

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