How to Knit Easy Beanie?

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As Of Late we will share with you an excessively simple knit beret fashion that everyone can knit.

Despite The Fact That the recipe is legitimate for small children, you’ll be able to knit for yourself by way of increasing the numbers.


Kartopu Point rope;
1 Cream (K025) colour rope
1 piece Yavruağzı (M000374) colour rope6 mm-line skewer


The numbers given are for 1-2 years. i recommend expanding 2 loops for each age building up.

1) We Commence 69 loops with cream color.

2) for 5 rows We knit 1 reverse, 1 flat tire.

3) Whilst the tire is finished, we move to our powder red thread and knit opposite knit. 24-25 rows are sufficient.

4) Then we knit 6-7 rows of one opposite, 1 flat tire.

5) Next we lower our cuts as proven in the video. We knit and re-lower 3 extra occasions.

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