Katmerli Flower Bookends

Hi everyone!

I Will share with you an overly simple to knit, beautiful and useful bookends knitting pattern.


Örenbayan Dora thick threads2.FIVE or 3 mm wool crochet


We knit with yellow thread.

1)  We Start through pulling EIGHT chains to our flower and making a ring. We knit 10 chains.

3) Within The subsequent row, we turn the again of our flower, pull 6 chains and fasten our chain on the opposite facet. We pull 6 chains once more and fasten them to the start line with the needle means.

4) We pull 10 chains onto the formed chains and connect them by way of sinking. We knit approximately 8 pieces in a half ring. We proceed to use the similar process on the other chain.

We knit with purple thread.

5) We turn back the back of our flower. We apply the same procedure via pulling FIVE chains and dividing the ring we created earlier through FOUR this time. We pull and fasten 5 chains 4 times. we’ve got ready FOUR earrings.

6) We fix the jewelry by pulling 12 chains on each ring. We knit approximately EIGHT each and every of the created rings.

7) Once More, we turn the again of our flower and draw 5 chains. We create FOUR earrings and repeat the previous process.

8) We flip the again of our flower, pull THREE chains and connect it 4 instances and gather the bottom of our flower.

We knit with green thread.

9) We pull 1 chain and end the restoration procedure. We make our rope 2 layers and pull about 20-25 cm chain. We finish our chain and entire our brace.

layer-flower-brace-construction-1 layer-flower-brace-tutorial- 1

now we have completed our braces.

Use on beautiful days!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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