Knit Bow Buckle Making

Hello! it is time to present a new chance!


Snowball Love Cotton Ecru (K013) colour hand knitting yarn 2.2 mm crochet hook equipment Needle


1) SIXTEEN chains we start by way of pulling.

2) 15. We make triple handrails through sinking again into the chain. Till the top of the line, we proceed to make 1 triple handrail to every chain.

3) We cross up to the highest row with 2 chains and we make our knit within the eleventh row by making 1 triple handrail to every loop for 11 rows. We’re completing.

organ-bow-buckle-making-1 knitting-bow-buckle-making-1

4) We pull 4 chains for the center of the buckle and knit again for five loops by way of making 1 triple handrail to each loop. We use this for the center of the bow. within the first THREE rows, we sew in the center of the piece we knit.

5) We draw round 23 chains for the bow tails and go them around as single handrails on either side of the chain we pull. We make 2 of this. We attach it by means of sewing it under the center of the bow tie.

Then we restoration the piece we knit or put it into the buckle with the help of silicone.


That’s it!

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