Knit Flower Earring Making

Hi ,,

I came to you once more with a distinct knitting development.

you wouldn’t say no to a knitted earring, right?

Consideration is often with these floral knitted jewelry. can be on you!


1 Snowball Amigurumi Pink (K771) colour hand knitting thread2.FIVE mm crochetEarring apparatus


1) Let’s make 27 handrails in the magic ring.

2) Let’s pull 8 chains and make THREE double handrails. Let’s pull 5 chains and make THREE double handrails, we draw 5 chains and 3 double handrails… Let’s proceed until the tip of the line. Let’s stay the 3rd one at the end of the chains.

organ-cicek-cupe-making-1 organ-cicek-kupe- make-1

3) Let’s draw THREE chains and make 4 double handrails in the comparable chain house, let’s make FIVE chains and FIVE double handrails within the same space. Let’s make FIVE handrails, FIVE chains, FIVE handrails in different areas. in this approach, let’s visit the end and combine it with the start.

Our flower earring is ready once we insert the earring apparatus!

Well Being to those who knit.

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