Knit House Boot Making

Hello !! Los Angeles Mia Diamond Fuchsia (L163) color hand knitting yarn Snowball Anakuzusu Snow White (K010) color hand knitting yarn2.1 mm crochet number 22-23 felt base4 buttons


one. the edge of the bottom is knitted with the numbers in the picture below, with the outer surface of the base dealing with us.

organ-home-bot-build-1 organ-home-bot-construct-1 knit-home-bot-build-2 organ-ev-botu-yapimi-2

2. ALL OF THE row is scrolled by way of looping.

3. Double handrails are made to the entire row.

4. 1 unmarried (part) handrails and 1 unmarried handrails are diminished from front of the foot to the 40 loops 14 occasions in collection. the remaining parts are completed with common needles.

FIVE. The needle is knitted all the row continuously.

6. From the front of the foot 1 1/2 handrails and 1 half of handrails are diminished NINE occasions. the rest parts are completed with common needles.

7. The needle is knitted the entire row steadily.

8. From front of the foot 1 half handrails and 1 half of handrails are lowered 6 times in a row. the remainder portions are knit continuously.

NINE. The needle is knit all rows frequently.

10. 6 occasions from the front of the foot part railing is diminished. the rest portions are knitted continuously.

Thread is reduce.

Front Facet

1. 18 half handrails are knitted from front of the boat.

2. Pull out 2 chains and knit 18 half rails.

3. Will Increase from the sides. a total of 20 half handrails are knitted.

FOUR. 2 chains are pulled and 20 part handrails are knitted.

FIVE. Edges are increased. . 22 part handrails are knitted in total.

6. 22 half handrails are knitted along 4 rows.


1. Taking 4 loops from all sides of the piece we knit in front, knit all of the row half-handrails.

2. Knit half-handrails with none reduction or increment for six rows.

3. Anchors are pinned to either side with a string.

Laces (4 items)

1. 32 the chain is pulled. From the ninth chain, half handrails are made.

There should be a total of 24 half handrails.

2. Let’s plant it on the houseboat.

THREE. Let’s stitch the buttons.

organ-home-bot-build-3 organ-house- bot-yapimi-3

Well Being for your arms!

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