Knit Striped Beanie Magnet Making

Hi There !

Are you ready to make a very simple and cute beret as of late?

This beret, with a view to bring the wintry weather air to our house and adorn our refrigerator, is very simple to make.

Come on Let’s start knitting!


Himalaya Everyday Bebe Lux hand knitting threads;
Inexperienced (70435) color thread
White (70401) colour thread4mm swell Magnetneed Adhesive

We knit with green thread.

1) We Start with 20 loops.

2) 3 we knit row 1 flat, 1 opposite rubber.

We knit with green and white threads.

3) Then 1 loop with inexperienced thread, 1 loop We whole 20 stitches via knitting with white color rope.


FOUR) We most effective knit white loops with white thread at the return and take the golf green loops clean. We make the straight row in the related approach.

5) Once We return to the top, we knit inexperienced loops with a green thread, we take the white loops clean. We do the instantly order within the related method.


6) This Is how we process 8 rows in overall.

7) The loops are we take it by means of needle. Then we make the top of our beret via contracting.

8) We stitch the perimeters of the beret.

9) We Are cheerleading to the top.


10) We stick magnet / magnet on the back.

this is our striped cap able to change!

Excellent well being!

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