Knitted Baby Keychain / Magnet Making

Knitted Baby Keychain / Magnet Making
Knitted Baby Keychain / Magnet Making


1 Snowball Amigurumi Skin colour ipKartopu Lemon rope
1 White, Blue or Purple color yarn on your preferred color for hair, felt or black embroidery thread for 1 eye key chain clip1,SEVENTY FIVE mm crochet bow for ornament or you can also make knit bowBead fiber


Sh: Magic ring

x: widespread needles

v: increase

a: aid

cc: loop shift

zn: chain

blo: knitting the backside of the loop via knitting

(…) * quantity: repeat the operation in parentheses for the given quantity


The 1St Piece For Arson

Ma We Commence with vi colour rope.

We draw 15 chains, starting from chain, we make 13x, we make 3x into the ultimate chain, then 13x, we make 2x for the last chain. v, 12x, v, x, v, 12x, v,, xx, v, 12x, v, 3x, v, 12x, v, 2x2x, v, 13x, v, 4x, v , 13x, v, 2x3x, v, 13x, v, 6x, v, 13x, v, 3x4x, v, 14x, v, 7x, v, 14x, vIn the period in-between, we pull 3 chains for aspect firing and make cc to every needle. < br />

2d piece for swaddling

White colour with rope we commence. We pull 8 chains. 2. ranging from the chain, we make 6x, we make the ultimate chain 3x, transfer to the other aspect of the chain and 6x.v, 5x, v, x, v, 5x, vx, v, 6x, v, 2x, v, 6x, v2x, v, 6x, v , 4x, v, 6x, v, x At this time, we pull 3 chains for facet firing and make cc to every needle.

For the swaddle, we start with the third piece

white colour rope.

Sh 6x (v) * 6 = 12 (x, v) * 6 = 18 In The Meantime, we pull THREE chains for part firing and every needle We do cc.

Baby’s Head

We Start with skin color string.

Sh 6x (v) * 6 = 1212x12x12x (A) * 6
(We fill the interior of the pinnacle with bead fiber. )

Baby’s Fingers (2 items)

We Commence with pores and skin-coloured thread.

We pull FIVE chains and make FOUR needles on top.

Then we sew the swaddle pieces first, then we sew the head and arms and procedure the hair, eyes and pacifier. you’ll be able to adorn with a bow should you want.

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