Knitted Neck Collar / Scarf Making

Hello !! h2> Snowball Baby One Purple (K255) colour hand knitting yarn3.5 mm skewer

how you can Make

Sizes are suitable for 1 yr old.

1) Allow’s start with THREE loops. Permit’s build up up to 31 loops by way of increasing both sides.

2) Then let’s knit 10 enamel with out a building up or lower.

3) Permit’s reduce the loops to 22 within the remaining row. Allow’s knit 21 rows 1 inverted, 1 flat.

4) Next, let’s building up the loops to 31 and knit 60 teeth harosa. .

5) Permit’s drop the loops again to 22, let’s knit 21 rows 1 inverted, 1 flat.

6) Here 22 let’s pass any other loop of the loop and extract 22 loops from the bottom of where the place we make 1 opposite 1 flat and knit it as 21 rows 1 opposite and 1 flat. Allow’s mix it with our previous knitting. Permit’s continue our commonplace knitting via shedding a single bottle.

7) Allow’s make 10 teeth harasha again.

8) Starting our aid from the edges THREE Permit’s finish with a bowknot.

this is our neckband! you’ll be able to enhance with the newest flower or other equipment.

Our arrangements are complete ahead of the cold winter days arrive

Allow everyone who’s easy come to you!

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