Knitting Bandana Making

Hello, my knitting friends,

we love knitting, we use it in every facet of our existence, right?

i will let you know an overly easy knitting bandana recipe.


Color yarn and crochet you need


1) We Begin via pulling 15 chains.

2) We Are making 3 double handrails. We make 2 double handrails by way of pulling 2 chains and sinking to the third chain. We repeat these operations until the tip of the row.

we will be able to at all times knit within the best rows as defined in step THREE..

3) We make 3 double rams within the areas within the decrease rows, We pull 2 ​​chains and move to the next house, again we make 3 double handrails inside the area.

We repeat step 3 in every order till we achieve the length we wish. (we will be able to measure how so much we need to knit via measuring our head.)

4) Once We get the required period, we often combine the needle with each ends of our braid.

After finishing the bandanna, you’ll be able to enhance the specified motif with vegetation.

Click On for the knit flower making video!

that is how I finished it.

Permit everyone who is aware of come simple!

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