Knitting Bookends Making

Hello, my knitting buddies,

i can tell you how you can make this lovely smiley bookmark. Crochet black beads >

X: Widespread Needle

V: Build Up

E: Decrement


1) 8X (8)

2) 8V (16) into the magic ring

3) (1X, 1V) * EIGHT (24)

4) (2X, 1V) * 8 ( 32)

5) (3X, 1V) * EIGHT (40)

6) 40X

7) (4X, 1V) * 8 (48)

8) (5X, 1V) * EIGHT (56)

9) 56X

10) We pull SEVENTY FIVE chains, we flip to double chains for the remaining 15 chains, we get a curved tail. < /

I made a smiley face as decoration, you’ll be able to make any emoji you wish to have. i sewed 2 black beads for the eyes and used the chain execution method for the mouth.

our children will love to use this lovely bookmark.

Goodbye to any individual who makes it easy to look in any other recipe!

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