Knitting Bracelet Making

Hi, my friends who love knitting,

i will tell you a trendy knit bracelet that you can easily make on this article.

I noticed this bracelet on a foreign site and fell in love with the photographs. I made you the recipe. you’ll in finding the original recipe on the finish of this web page.

Make it colourful and use it fantastically in the summer time.

Let’s start then!


YarnArt Begonia hand knitting threads3 mm crochetbutton


1. First we pull FOUR chains and sink into the first chain to form a defend. We make 7 double handrails inside the ring. Then we pull THREE chains and slide the loop within the heart of the ring.

knitting-wristband-making-1 knitting-wristband- then we pull the 3 chains and visit the highest row, we combine the construction with a loop slider at the head of the primary handrail. We make 7 double handrails to the distance that is formed after which close it with 3 chains once more. knitting-wristband-making-2 knitting-bracelet-making-2

3. Once More we pull THREE chains again and pass up. We make 7 double handrails in the space the place we turn the model over and pull 3 chains and shut it.

4. Our model has been created on this manner and we will repeat it until it reaches the period we want.

knitting-bracelet-making-3 knitting-bracelet-making-3

5. recent Let’s make 10 chains and make buttonholes and entire them by way of sewing buttons.

organ-wristband-making organ-wristband-making

Good good fortune to everybody who is loss of life, see you in our subsequent article.

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