Knitting Fan Socks Making

Hi everyone!

We’re knitting supportive socks!

it is a stupendous, non-slip socks that you just can put on at house and put on it in shoes or boots whilst going out!

< Let’s get started knitting in an instant!


Snowball Lily hand knitting threads;
1 Yellow (K330) colour thread
1 Purple (K125) color thread
1 piece of Black (K940) color ip5 mm skewer Wool needlesHot silicone gun


Sizes are suitable for size 38-FORTY.

it is knitted with yellow colour thread.

1) 34 loops are stitched and 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit is knitted for two rows.

The red color is knitted with thread.

2) Then 2 extra rows of one reverse and 1 flat rubber knit are knitted.

These steps are repeated 3 times.

Knitted with yellow thread.

3) Then knit 1 reverse, 1 flat rubber knit for 20 rows.

4) 6 rows of knit proceed .

5) After knitting 6 rows, 8 stitches are lower from both rows and knitted with 10 rows of yellow thread and 10 rows of crimson thread as a complete of 18 stitches.

Black color is knitted with a string.

6) 5 rows of knitting are minimize and 8 loops stay on the beginning of every row.

7) Whilst 8 loops stay, this time it’s greater by means of FIVE extra rows every time through increasing, and proceed until 18 loops.

it’s knitted with yellow thread.

8) 10 rows of knitting.

Purple knitting with rope.

9) 10 extra rows of knitting .

Black color is knitted with a string.

10) 5 rows of harosa knit by way of slicing one loop on the beginning of every row and eight loops remain, this time whilst 8 loops stay. 5 rows of knitting and knitting with 18 loops via expanding every row.


1) Province first The rubber phase we knit is collectively sewn.

2) Then the black section that we knit with the ultimate knitted black thread is together sewn.

this may be the heel.

3) Then the black phase with the heel section is stitched to the yellow part with the wrist part.

4) Then the remaining of the socks portions are also sewn.

5) In The End, a skinny non-slip sole is made with a hot silicone gun.



orgu- fan-corap-yapimi-2


Put On in excellent days!

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