Knitting Frame Making

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We brought you an incredibly simple and different mesh body fashion.

This knit body you can simply knit will fit your house!

Let’s start in no time! ?


Gazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting threads;
White (3432) color thread
Turquoise (3426) color thread2 mm crochet


1. First, we get a spherical twine. We knit the surrounding space with the color we wish.


2. After finishing the surroundings, we make our 2nd row with triple handrails to the second ground.


3. After rows are completed, we make 7 triple handrails from a loop. We stick within the two loops on the facet (loop shift). Therefore, we knit 3 loops. once we move to the 4th step, we repeat the similar process.



4. When our body is done, you’ll be able to paste the required picture inside it and cover it with felt, paper, cloth.


here’s rather simple to make!

organ-frame-structure organ-body-construction

Health on your hand!

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