Kokosş Baby Pandufu Production

Hello everyone!

If You wish to knit a very great and very puffy panduf for your baby’s toes throughout the winter months, welcome to my recipe!


1 Snowball Child Herbal Lila (K705) color ip1 Snowball Additional Cushy Powder Crimson (K1021) color ip3 mm crochet 2 wood buttons


zn: Chain

x : Widespread needle

v: Building Up

a: Decrease

yt: Part handrail

it: Double handrail

iron: Triple handrail

< itv: 2 double handrails to the same loop

uvv: 2 triple handrails to the same loop

cc : Loop wrapping

Blo: Knitting by way of sewing the back of loops


A panduf knitted with this recipe 6-9 is for young children monthly. you can build up or lower the scale by means of measuring consistent with your baby.

1. 15z, from the second chain, 7x, 3yt, 3it, 6ut to the similar loop, 3it, 3yt, 7x, and cc to the closing chain we pull in the starting (32)

2. 2zn, 1itv, 9it, 3ut, 6utv, 3ut, 9it, 1itv, cc (40) to the top of the 2d chain

< strong> 3. 2zn, 2 itv, 9it, 3üt, (1üt, 1ütv) * 6, 3üt, 9it, 2 itv, cc (50) to the top of the second chain

kokos-baby-pandufu-3 kokos-child-pandufu

4. 1zn, 50 cc, cc to chain (50)

FIVE. 1zn, Blo 50x

kokos-baby-pandufu-2 kokos-baby-pandufu-1

6-7. 1z, 50x, cc (50) to the chain

8 . 1zn, 16x, (1x, 1a) * 6, 16x, cc to chain (44)

9. 1zn, 12x, (1x, 1a) * 6, 14x, cc to the chain (38)

10. 1n, 9x, (1x, 1a) * 6, 11x, make cc to the chain and holiday the thread and conceal.

Take the again of the panduf, count 9 loops at the proper aspect and tie the thread to the ninth stitch.

kokos-baby-pandufu-1 kokos-child-pandufu-2

11. Make NINE double handrails and double loop to the middle loop (where the vertical arrow displays). proceed to the left. in this part, make NINE double handrails and pull again 2z.

12. Make 19it and lower the rope.

We transfer to fur rope.

when we knit needles 3x across the entire weave and are available to the starting point, we end up with a string of sufficient duration for the lacing and slide the loop.

332431EE-105A-4C93-BBB9-0919F4A59AE4-e15 kokos-baby-pandufu-3

Sew the picket button to the perimeters and your panduf is about!

Bye use.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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