Lacy Baby Cardigan Making

Lacy Baby Cardigan Making
Lacy Baby Cardigan Making


Once More, I Am right here with an excessively simple but very fashionable knitting trend.

For 3-6 months old small children, you’ll be able to knit this lace cardigan and present it for your loved ones straight away.


1 Snowball Child One Beige colour ip4 mm skewers3-4 buttons cm lace


1) We Commence our cardigan with 68 loops from the collar.

2) After knitting 3 tooth harosa we open the first buttonhole.

THREE) After knitting THREE teeth harosha: EIGHT harosha, 4 instantly, 1 increase, 2 directly, 1 build up, 9 immediately, 1 building up, 2 directly We Start the yoke as 1 increase, 18 directly, 1 increase, 2 immediately, 1 increase, NINE straight, 1 build up, 2 directly, 1 build up, FOUR instantly, 8 harosha.

4) We knit the rob for 20 rows. there’ll be EIGHT loops at the front band on each side, so we continue as 8 loops haroşa from the start and finish until the end of knitting. We proceed to extend the collection of stitches on either side of two straight knits in each row. We knit the rest loops flat.

FIVE) While the collection of openings is 20, we separate the fingers and body. First we knit the fingers after which the frame.

6) We knit directly knitting with out increasing or reducing arm duration up to 20 cm from the collar. We finish our knitting and stitch the sleeves.

7) We knit straight knitting with out expanding and reducing until the body length is 22 cm from the collar.

We fairly stitch our lace to the sleeves and hem.

We additionally end our card by means of stitching buttons.

Simple to come back 🙂

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