Lale Bookends Making

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I Need to proportion with you an easy, fun and stylish bookends knitting development.

Let’s get started knitting our brace if you are able!


The leftover threads in the thickness of Ă–renbayan Dora are 2.5 or 3 mm wool crochet



We knit with purple colored thread.

1) We Commence by pulling 5 chains into tulips and forming jewelry.

2) We knit 6 frequent needles in our first row.

3 ) Within The next row, we proceed by sinking with one and loops on each and every needle. In different phrases, we end our row through making 1 unmarried, 1 double widespread needles. We continue our rows by knitting in the type of 2 single, 1 double, THREE single and 1 double.

5) We proceed to knit without making any increase to increase our tulips. we’re moving upwards.

6) We carry out approximately 5-6 rows of the same procedure. We knit each and every sew by means of making 1 needle.

We separate our tulip leaves and proceed to knitting.

7) We make the separation procedure in 4 leaves. because the number may also be variable, we rely the collection of stitches and divide them by way of FOUR. About 6 sew counts had been shaped on one leaf of my tulip.

8) We practice 6 stitches incessantly. We turn it over and knit it again. We continue to knit by turning. In our row at the entrance aspect, we knit by way of losing a loop. We practice the same process till 1 sew is left.

9) We continue to knit without tearing. We pass down from the left aspect with frequent needle technique and proceed to knitting once more.

10) We continue the same procedure till FOUR leaves are completed. We entire the process of knitting tulip leaves.

tulip-book-brace-making-1 tulip-book-brace-making


We knit with black thread.

1) We knit our thread by means of pulling a chain if you want to be about 20-25 cm. Ahead Of closing our chain, we knit the black branches on the inside of our tulip.

We knit with a inexperienced thread.

2) We tie our black knit thread in a single layer to approx. We pull a series of 3-4 cm. we need to regulate the height in order that it doesn’t pop out in the tulip. When the specified duration is adjusted, we pull the same quantity of chain and sink it to the ground. We practice the similar procedure two extra times and complete the interior of the tulip.

tulip-book-brace-making-2 tulip -books-brace-making

3) We place our inexperienced branch throughout the hollow at the bottom of our tulip. We entire the brace through solving the branch to the tulip with our crochet hook. .

Use on beautiful days!

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