Leaf Earring Making

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I Am right here with a leaf earring type that will upload elegance in your clothes.

you can additionally weave colorful earrings, necklaces, etc. you can cheer your equipment.

zn: Chain

x: Frequent needles (Common needles will all the time be knitted from the back of the loops With the blo methodology)


1. Let’s pull again 16z.

2. Let’s get started from THREE.zn and pull again 14x, 4zn, 14x to the other aspect of the chain, and go back.

Leaf Earring Making

3. skip 1x, 13x, (2x into zn, 4zn Let’s pull back, 2x), 11x, 1.

4. 1x skip, 12x, (for zn e 2x, 4zn, 2x), 12x, 1zn let’s go back.

5. skip 1x, 13x, (2x into zn, 4zn, 2x) Let’s pull again, 11x, 1n.

6. Skip 1x, 12x, (2x, 4zn, 2x into zn), 12x, let’s pull again .

7. Skip 1x, 13x, (2x into the zn, 4zn, 2x), 12x, let’s pull again and again.

8. Skip 1x, 13x, (2x, 4zn, 2x), 12x, 1z let’s return and again.

 9. Skip 1x, 13x, (2x, 4zn, 2x into zn), 12x, let’s pull again and again.

10. Skip 1x, 13x, (5x into zn), let’s continue the road and knit 12x.

Let’s lower and conceal the rope.

you’ll attach to the earring equipment from the ultimate chains in the center.

Leaf Earring Making

it’ll be easy for folks who will knit.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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