Leaf Patterned Children’s Cardigan

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In Case You wish to knit on your ladies, we’ve got brought a phenomenal knitting development that you can knit for yourself in a while!

This year’s model is wearing this knitted cardigan knitted with a leaf pattern.

Let’s start?


THREE items Snowball Punto Youngsters Water Green (M4054) colour hand knitting yarn5 mm 100 cm line skewer5 mm FORTY cm line skewers5 buttons


Sizes are appropriate for 2-3 years vintage child.

Start with 100 cm trimmed skewers.

1 . Bottle 60 loops are thrown.

2. 2 reverse, 2 flat rubber knit are knitted for FOUR rows. in the fifth row, the buttonhole shall be opened within the form of cut 1 stitch, building up with 1 sew hole.

There will likely be 20 rows among every next buttonhole.

3. FIVE rows 2 more reverse and a pair of flat rubber knits are knitted.

4. Roba installation is began. EIGHT loops are straight, 2 loops are inverted, 11 loops are straight, 2 loops are inverted, 14 loops are straight, 2 loops are inverted, 11 loops are straight, 2 loops are inverted, 8 loops are knit directly. EIGHT loops will probably be avoided, 11 loops can be arms and 14 loops shall be the back.

5. Flat patterns are made with a leaf pattern. Increases are made from reverse loops. Increments are made as 1 row knit, 1 row building up.

Leaf Trend: It contains 12 rows of 11 stitches. The loops are knitted as 2 opposite, 7 directly and a couple of opposite. 2 reverse loops will stay the similar, 7 instantly loops are knit within the type of 5, 3, 1 via decreasing from either side to lie from right to left, left to right. Mystery build up is made as 3, 5, 7 from the right and left of the remaining 1 stitches.

6. FORTY FOUR rows are greater. a total of 228 loops are formed in the needle. you come below armpit. the front phase is 30 loops, the fingers are 55 loops and the again part is FIFTY EIGHT loops. Hands are saved, frame is knitted.

7. 5 loops are brought under the armpit. a total of 128 loops are formed within the needle. 48 rows of leaves are knit by proceeding trend. hands are knitted with FORTY cm trimmed spit.

9. 3 loops are removed from the 5 loops we added beneath the armpit, FIFTY EIGHT loops are formed in the spit.

10. 36 rows knit with a trend of leaves.

11. FIFTY EIGHT loops are lowered to 36 loops within the type of 2 knits, 1 lower in a single row.

12. 2 opposite, 2 flat rubber knits are knitted for 9 rows and all loops are reduce and finished.

Well Being to your hand!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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