Leaf Patterned Knit Vest Making

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This Bolero style vest is a perfect approach to provide a special taste on your day by day clothes.

Let’s get started with a leaf-patterned vest that you can easily knit!


Kartopu Tempo Crimson (K748) color hand knitting yarn




Style is knit transversely.

1. 24 loops of harosa knitting, ranging from 28 loops, 1 loops inverted, 1 looper is flat, 1 looper increment via winding the thread, 1 loop is instantly, 1 loop increment via winding the bottle thread, 1 The knit is knitted in undeniable weave.

2. the following rows are knitted through applying the leaf development diagram.

3. For the second row waist, brass knit is knitted from the fitting aspect of the braid by expanding 1 stitch each row (10 loops in total).

4. Knit Whilst the duration is 21.5 cm, 10 loops within the middle of the knitting are lower in 1 time for the arm area and the next row is greater through expanding 10 loops in the next row and the knitting is continued.

5. When knitting duration is FIFTY FOUR cm within the similar manner, arm house is created and knitting is sustained.

6. Whilst knitting duration is 70 cm, 1 loop (10 loops in total) is minimize from each side of the precise aspect of the knit to complete the waist. When knitting period is 80 cm, the loops are lower directly.


Health on your hands!

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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