Leaf Supla Making

Hi everybody!

How about decorating your tableware with leaf tops?

This fashion could be very simple to make!

Let’s get started knitting this beautiful ball presently!


Loren Natural Child Water Green (R087) color hand knitting yarn2 mm crochet


Sh: Magic ring

Time: Chain

Tr: Triple handrail

Cc: Sew shift


1) 18tr into Sh

2) 5zn, tr, (3zn, 1tr ) * EIGHT

We Have Now created 9 slots in general.

THREE) Each And Every area (2tr, 2zn, 2tr) * NINE, cc. We shoot 2 instances for gap transitions.

FOUR) Every house (3tr, 3zn, 3tr) * 9, cc. We shoot 2 times for gap transitions.

5) We’re starting to increase the choice of handrails with the outer edges fixed. (4tr, 3zn, 4tr) * EIGHT, 10 + 2 zn, 10tr on zn, (4tr, 3zn, 4tr), cc. We shoot 2zn in gap transitions.



Our motif includes NINE slices that we construct on NINE areas. in the 6th row, we turn to the next row with out knitting the closing slices.

6) (5tr, 3zn, 5tr) * 7, transitions all the time 2zn, we move to the highest row.

7) (6tr, 3zn, 6tr) * 7, transitions 2zn.

8) (7tr, 3zn, 7tr ) * 7, transitions 2zn.

9) We cross the first slice with the loop shift (cc) approach. (8tr, 3zn, 8tr) * 5, transitions 2nn, we visit the top.

10) (9tr, 3zn, 9tr) * 5, transitions 2nn.

11) (10tr, 3zn, 10tr) * 5, transitions 2zn, we move to the top row.

12) Sew shift (cc) We cross the 1st slice with the process. (11tr, 3zn, 11tr) * 3, transitions 2zn, we visit the top.

13) (12tr, 3zn, 12tr) * 3, transitions 2zn, we visit the highest.

14) (13tr, 3zn, 13tr) * 3, transitions 2zn, we transfer to the top.

15) Loop We move the 1st slice with the scroll (cc) means. (14tr, 3zn, 14tr), we go to the highest.

16) 15tr, 3zn, 15tr, we go to the highest.

17) 16tr, 3zn, 16tr

18) We whole the motif with SIXTEEN + THREE + 16, cc.

leaf-supla-made leaf-supla-made-3

Our motif that we see in leaf shape is about!

leaf-supla-making leaf-supla-making

Health to your arms!

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