Leafy Coaster Making

Hi dear buddies!

i will provide you with the leafy coaster recipe.

i hope you knit as so much as I do.

Let’s get started knitting this stylish coaster at the moment!


Snowball Rosebud hand knitting threads;
Tile (K1210) colour thread
Grey (K1921 ) color ip4 mm crochet


We knit with tile color thread.

1) We make 14 double handrails with magic rights.

2) We pull 3 chains and make 2 double handrails on each railing. we are making a handrail.

4) On The 4th row we make 1 double handrail, 1 double handrail, 2 double handrails on THREE handrails.

5) We make and shut 1 double handrail, 1 double handrail, 2 double handrails on 4 handrails.

6) We pull 10 chains, jump 4 chains and sink down to 5th. . We do that until now we have 12 and minimize our thread.

7) We repair the string within the heart of any chain, pull 10 chains once more and connect it within the center of the other chain.

Gray we knit with colour rope.

8) After this procedure is finished, we cut the rope, restoration the opposite rope, pull THREE chains, make 10 double handrails inside the chain, pull 3 chains and pass down. We transfer to the opposite chain and fill it once more with 3 chains, 10 double handrails, 3 chains.


We knit with grey thread.

1) We do the magic ring. We pull 1 chain and make 7 needles.

2) We pull 1 chain and make double needles on the top of each needle. There should be 14 frequent needles. We take by way of and visit the highest. We take the loop from the bottom of the shaped loop and sink it once more to the former needle and take the loop once more. It need to be 5 loops.

4) We whole 7 rows and cut the thread on this method.


leafy-cup-base-construction-1 leafy-cup-bottom -yap-1

Health for your arms!

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