Let’s Make Snowflakes For Christmas Tree!

How approximately adorning your trees along with your braids this yr?

if your answer is yes, let’s make your rope and crochet snowflake together! .5 mm crochet


1) Permit’s create a hoop through pulling and mixing 6 chains.

2) 2 for every chain Allow’s entire the sequence by means of making one in all the widespread needles.

3) Let’s get to the top row via pulling 3 chains and make one triple handrail to the following stitch and make 2 triple handrails to the following stitch and pull THREE chains again let us entire the series of 2 triple handrails proper next to the loop stitch with out sewing, once more 2 triple handrails in the next slot and once more 3 chains.

4) Meanwhile, 1 frequent needle, 3 chains, 1 widespread needle, 3 chains and 1 triple handrail within the heart of the chains we created within the previous row we make 8 chains and we make the similar 1 more triple handrail, we pull 3 chains and make widespread needles. We repeat those tactics until the tip of the queue.

5) In The Meantime, we create THREE chains with 3 chains in the bottom row and three chains as in the 4th row. To the puts we’ve created with EIGHT chains, 1 needle, THREE chains and bat the similar position, 1 needle, 3 chains and bat the same position, for the remaining time 1 needle, 3 chains and bat the similar place, 3 scissors in the form of 1 needle we do. We pull 3 chains and sink down.

Ring with rope to hang we create and finish.

Good well being.

Source : orgumodelleri.com

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