Lion Fan Hat Making

Hello everybody!

We’ve prepared this fashion for Galatasaray enthusiasts.

you’ll be able to show everyone the team you fortify with the lion enthusiasts.

Let’s get started knitting instantly!


Gazzal Baby Cotton hand knitting threads;
Pink (3443) color thread
Yellow (3413) color thread
Mild Orange (3416) color thread
Mild Brown (3434) color thread
White (3432) color thread
Black (3433) colour thread3mm skewer2mm crochet wool needle


We knit with pink thread.

1) We Commence by means of throwing bottle 106 loops from the rubber section. We knit FORTY rows of rubber in 2 inverted, 2 flat.

2) Then we knit 7 enamel harosa.

We knit with gentle orange thread.

3) We knit 30 tooth to be crooked.

The number of stitches you’re going to start through age and the number of crochet teeth to knit is different.

4) We create the highest of our beret by means of making a aid in the entrance part of our knitting only within the remaining 12 rows, 10 loops, NINE loops, EIGHT loops, 7 loops and six loops.

5) Finally, we lower somewhat duration of rope and entire it via sewing the beret.

6) We make pompoms from purple, light orange and yellow thread and mount them on the highest of the crown.


We knit with yellow thread.

1) We make 6 widespread needles into the magic ring.

2) We Need to double needle all of them.

3) We make 1 unmarried, 1 pair of frequent needles.

4) We make 2 unmarried, 1 pair of common needles.

5) We make 3 unmarried and 1 double frequent needles.

6) We make 4 unmarried and 1 double common needles.

7) We make 7 rows with FIVE unmarried and 1 double frequent needles.

Ears (2 pieces)

We knit with mild brown colour thread.

1 ) We make 6 handrails in keeping with 1 needle in step with needle.

We knit with yellow thread.

2) We make 6 needles once more.


We knit with a light orange coloured thread.

1) 1 frequent needle to the back loop parts of the final frequent needles, FIVE to the similar most sensible We create a lion mane with flower development by making a handrail, 1 frequent needle.


We knit with white color rope.

1) We make FIVE frequent needles into the magic ring.

2) Double stick with all of them and make 1 unmarried and 1 double at the end. We make the part of the product.

We process the nose and mouth with mild brown coloured thread on it.

We process the eyes with a black coloured wool needle.

Gentle brown in the eyebrow. we make it from color thread.

Patiler (2 Items)

We knit with yellow color rope.

1) Pull 6 chains and 2.

We entire the double needles at the ends with double, and the opposite frequent needles with a single sink. We knit with rope.

1) We make 5 common needles into the magic ring.

2) We double-dive all of them.

3) Then we knit 1 unmarried and 1 double and sew a little bit over the top of the pinnacle.

FOUR) Finally 8 chains we pull the tip of the light orange thread and make a tail and make our lion fashion.
aslanli-ta raftar-beresi-made

Simple to come!

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