Little Bey Vest


1 Snowball Baby Cushy ip3 mm shish4 buttons


Entrance (2 pieces)

Starting as 80 loops from the collar. 80 loops 2 reverse 1 flat 18 rows are knitted. 19. instantly loops are dipped two times in the row. the following row maintains 2 inverse 2 immediately. After knitting 18 more lines19. immediately loops are taken within the row and the collection of loops is increased and the selection of loops becomes EIGHTY again. FOUR outer haraso is knitted and the loops are lower and completed.

Some Other one is constructed from the similar piece, the primary one is within the second position in the ultimate haraso section. .


Start with 60 stitches. 28 outer insects are knitted, FIVE loops are cut for the arm area on all sides, and 24 more insects are knitted and finished.


Front row of the again piece is stitched via overlapping the start row. The shoulders are overlaid from the brink and sewn to 7 cm. For the collar, the opposite part is folded out and the button is sewn and connected to the body.

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