Little Lady Magnet Making

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We’ve prepared a lovely magnet recipe for you that you can connect to your wardrobes.

we expect that each one knitters should have this magnet at home. Let’s get started in case you are able!


1 Snowball Crystal White (K010) colour hand knitting yarn Small quantity threadlet and white silvery thread Black etamine thread for face processing3 mm crochet Small circle magnet


Sh: Magic ring

X: Widespread needle

Time: Chain

Dc: Double Trabzan


Head, Body, Arm and Legs

1 ) Let’s lower 60 items of yarn 25 cm lengthy from our Snowball Crystal yarn.

2) Let’s double it in the middle. Let’s restore the fold by firmly tying it.

3) Let’s restoration it by way of firmly tied approximately THREE cm underneath the mounted part. This phase will be the pinnacle of our magnet. (Let’s procedure the eyes and mouth)

4) Let’s separate 20 threads from the best and left part of the phase we restore, cut half the length of the period and tie it again approximately 1 cm from the top. (His hands had been additionally shaped)

5) The Rest two parts can have legs. Again, let’s attach it tightly 1 cm above each ends.

little-lady-magnet-made-1 little -hanim-magnet-yapimi-1


1) Let’s pull the pet for 10 occasions with the color thread. Let’s create a hoop by connecting the 2 ends.

2) Let’s make 20 double handrails in your ring.

Let’s transfer to the white color rope.

< strong> THREE) Let’s make a complete of 20 double handrails, one for each loop.

Let’s transfer to Yavruağzı colour rope.

FOUR) Every Let’s make 1 double handrail, 2 chains and 1 widespread needle to the loop. Let’s transfer directly to the following sew and do the similar once more. within the meantime, we may have done this 20 occasions in total.

Let’s make the clothes hanger by means of pulling 10zn on both shoulders.


Let’s get started with the puppy color thread.

1) Let’s make a magic ring and make 15 double handrails inside.

Let’s visit the white color rope.

2) 1 per loop Let’s make a total of 15 double handrails. Let’s transfer directly to the following stitch and do the same again. in the meantime, we will do this a total of 15 occasions.


You Can use the hat both by stitching or sticking it with silicone. Let’s stick the magnet at the back.

Here’s our magnet.

little-lady-magnet-made little-girl-magnet-made

Well Being on your hands already !

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