Lollipop Mesh Bag Making

We fit the bag bag model too!

We tried to take a look at this manner with a new and other thread, and we came upon this candy-colored lollipop net bag!

Let’s get started?


1 L. A. Mia Lollipop Ebruli (LL006) ip6 mm crochet


1) We pull out FIVE chains and make a hoop.

2) We make 12 unmarried handrails throughout the ring, we finish the row with loop wrapping.

3) A most sensible with 2 chains queuing up, we make 2 unmarried handrails inside each and every loop, we get a complete of 24 single handrails. We finish the collection with looping.

4) We go up to the top with 2 chains, we make 1 single handrail to the first loop and a couple of single handrails to the second one loop. We finish the row via making 1 single and 1 double handrails, and we get 36 single handrails in general. We end the collection with looping.

5 ) It comes up with 2 chains, 1 unmarried handrail to the primary loop, 1 unmarried handrail to the second one loop. We make 2 single handrails to the 3rd loop. We end the row by making 2 single and 1 double handrails, and we get a total of FORTY EIGHT single handrails. We finish the series via loop sewing.

6-8) We knit each and every loop for 3 rows by making 1 unmarried handrail. We at all times end the rows with looping.

9) We pull out 6 chains, skip 2 stitches and fasten them at the third stitch with a needle. We knit all the row on this approach.

10) We pull 6 chains and connect them with a needle into the web formed in the bottom row. We continue knitting on this means until 18 rows of nets are formed.

11) After We have 18 nets, we pull THREE chains for 1 row and fasten them with the needle within the backside row. We gather the mouth of our file bag like this.

12) Pull 50 chains for the handle, skip 5 net and fasten them with 6- 2-THREE widespread needles, again pull 50 chains and connect them to the beginning of the care for with common needles. Then we combine 2 bundles of fifty we pull together and sign up for them with a needle.

We knit the second handle just opposite the primary take care of within the related approach.

Video Tutorial

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