Macrame Bag Making

Make cast bags with macrame threads!

you’ll be able to use macrame hand knitting threads in all of your macrame paintings. Your braids have a troublesome and full look and are easy to shape. you’ll be able to make more than a few macrame bag fashions, equipment, pots, bag handles, suplas, organizers with macrame threads that you just will experience knitting because its construction is vibrant and slippery.


Snowball Macrame
FOUR Cinnamon (KM590) color thread
1 piece White (K010) color rope
1 piece Red (KM735) colour line
1 piece Pink (KM1851) colour line
1 piece Darkish Inexperienced ( KM416) color thread
1 Green (KM446) color thread
1 Brown (KM890) color ip5 mm crochet



< strong> 1) It begins with 45 chains. By Way Of returning, FORTY THREE common needles, FORTY FOUR. 3 widespread needles are made. This process is the similar in the other corner.

2) 3 widespread needles within the nook, 3 in overall, 6 needles in general. This procedure shall be the similar in the other corner.

THREE) In The next rows, 3 widespread needles are delivered to the two spaces of the 3 frequent needles.

* 78 will increase are made in 10 rows in total.

* There are 136 widespread needles at the end of 10 rows.

FOUR ) 48 rows of 136 needles are knitted.


1) FORTY FOUR needles, 31 chains (31 needles are skipped), 44 needles, 31 chains (31 needles are skipped)

* a total of five rows of 136 needles are made.

For take care of ; 15 rows, 31 widespread needles are knitted and rounded together. (2 are made.)

Macrame Bag Making

Macrame Bag Making

Macrame Benefit From The luggage!

Happy days.

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