Macrame Easy Flowerbed Making

Howdy !

We Now Have ready an excessively easy-to-construct flower bed type in your gorgeous home adorned with flowers!

this pretty flower mattress will upload class to the elegance of your home!

Allow’s get started right now!


1 Snowball Macrame Gentle Gray (K920) colour macrame hand knitting yarn


Total duration is FORTY FIVE cm except for tassel.

1) Allow’s lower 5 threads of 3 cm duration. Let’s put all of them on top of each different and to find the precise heart aspect. Let’s knit the middle point approximately 10 cm knot. Knitting of knots need to be from left to proper, as within the image.

macrome- easy-flower-making-1




2) Then let’s do another knot by means of doubling the knitted part and create the vine part. Permit’s knit another 6 cm.

macrame-easy-flower-making-3 macrame-easy-flower-making- 3

3) So we will have 12 layers of rope. allow us to go away a space with out knitting about 20 cm of yarn and divide them into 4, knitting them one by one. After knitting about 10 cm, let’s mix layers of each staff of 4 with two threads of the opposite staff of four. Permit’s make an area after knitting approximately 4 cm.

macrame-easy-flower-making-4 macrame-easy- Ciceklik-yapimi-FOUR

FOUR) Allow’s knit a knot by way of amassing all the up to date threads together. This knot is somewhat different from what we knit above. We get this symbol via making the nodes from the same course. Allow’s cut the remainder thread with as many tassels as we would like.

macrame-easy-flower-making-5 macrame-easy-flower -yapimi-5

You’ll Be Able To wear beads to your tassels if you want.

macrame-easy-flower-making-6 macrame -easy-flower-making-6

Our flower is about!

macrame-easy-flower-making-7 macrame-easy-flower-making-7

Good on your palms ok!

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