Macrame Keychain Making

Hello everybody!

Today I Will share with you the macrame keychain which has been very popular not too long ago, particularly on birthdays, engagements, weddings as items.

Let’s get started knitting right away!


Yek Beige Twisted MacrameKeyring ringMasasTarakBand


1. Let’s cut THREE pieces of 60 cm length.

2. Let’s restore the key chain ring to the table with the assistance of a tape.

THREE. Let’s tie the threads we lower with the macrame get started knot to the important thing ring.

FOUR. Let’s take the rope that may be within the third row and immediately throw winding knots on that rope with the rope next to it.

5. Via shifting to the left in the comparable approach 1 Let’s tie a knot with the next line.

6. Let’s repeat the same procedure with the remainder threads to the proper this time.

Baklava development has began to form. Even.

7. Let’s throw a square macrame knot in the heart, by means of setting apart one string from the right and left.

EIGHT. This time, not disappear Let’s wrap the wrapping knots in the comparable approach starting from the edge and create the diamond development.

NINE. Let’s make it glance thicker by knitting another row from the same row.

10. Let’s cut the surplus threads, alter the size of the key ring as we would like and scan the threads with a comb.

macrame-keyring-making-1 macrame-keyring-making-1

It Is that straightforward!

macrame-keyring-making macrame-keyring-making

Well Being for your fingers!

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