Macrame Pot Making

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Let your pots develop into gorgeous with macrame artwork!

“macrame” to the artwork created with knots made by way of hand and with out the use of any equipment.

Macrame not only improves your creativity and talent, but also makes use of leftover fabrics handy.

it’s a space the place your pastime in artwork will increase. Your decorative pieces will be extra gorgeous with macrame!

With macrame, wristband, bag, basket, bag take care of, belt, lamp head, wall decoration, and the like. you can make products.


1 piece Loren XL Macrame Burgundy (R049) colour hand knitting yarnLoren FOUR Dimension Organic Ring

Methodology Used

Macrame Knot (you’ll consult with our Hobium Youtube channel for macrame knot development.)


1) EIGHT 12.5 meter threads are cut .

2) it is doubled and hooked up to the hoop. There are SIXTEEN rows of ropes in the hoop.

3) FOUR ties are created in teams of 4.

4) First, the outer FOUR threads are knitted with 6 teeth in the segment.

5) The threads inside are knitted as 12 teeth.

6) The outer threads are knitted in the form of 6-12-6 tooth, the interior threads are knitted within the type of 12-12 tooth.

7) After knitting is completed, the outer threads of every tie are tied in combination. FOUR threads with SIXTEEN teeth are knitted again. Leaving without knitting 35 cm, the threads are tied again to be 6 teeth.



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