Macrame Rainbow Making

Hello everyone!

I Tried to explain how to make those rainbow ornaments, which became especially a pattern a part of children’s rooms.

Let’s start knitting immediately!


1 meter 12 mm rope ropeYarnArt Mink Powder Crimson (347) color hand knitting yarnLa Mia Mini Cottony 20 Packed hand knitting threadsGhost yarn / line rope Stitching needleScissors


1 ) First of all, we fold the 1 meter long rope rope into 4 in the form of rainbow and cut it from the underlying folds to obtain 4 pieces.

2) Then take the colour we want and wrap it with a FIVE cm tassel share. here we cross. We care to wrap facet by way of side even as wrapping. Neither will have to it overlap nor the rope should seem. We complement it by way of paying attention to these and leaving a 5 cm tassel on the other finish.

We don’t tie a knot while beginning and finishing. We cover the end of the thread between the threads we wrap with the end of the scissors.

3) We wrap the opposite 3 parts in the similar means and visit the sewing stage. We stitch the primary wrapped and the second one wrapped piece with a ghost rope, one over and over the opposite. Then we whole the sewing via stitching the other items on top of each different.

It’s that simple!

macrame-gokkusagi-yapimi macrame-gokusagi-yapi

​​Health for your hands!

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