Makaroni Knitting Mat Making

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All you need to extend the power of your house with a coloured mat is a combed rope knit mat!


This recipe is just for you in step with!

Let’s knit very quickly, take into account the adaptation right away!


Spaghetti Cotton Combed Cloth Hand Knitting Thread 10 mm crochet


1. 6 chains are pulled and the ends are combined to form a ring.

2. 17 unmarried handrails are made inside the ring.

3 . 1 single handrail is made on 1 single handrail, 1 chain is pulled, and one unmarried handrail is knit again and again at the next single handrail.

Makaroni Knitting Mat Making

Makaroni Knitting Mat Making

Makaroni Knitting Mat Making

Subsequent rows are knitted and finished by way of applying the given scheme.

Makaroni Knitting Mat Making

and prepared!



Well Being on your fingers!

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