Make Up Bag Making

Would you like to design your own make-up bag?

it is really easy to make a make-up bag that you can resolve the dimensions, form, colour and make it unique for you. you can knit macrame baggage in keeping with your style and show your difference through the use of only common needle method. Let’s start knitting!


Snowball Macrame rope;
2 Light Blue (K540) colour threads
1 Darkish Blue (K624) color thread5 mm crochet



1) It begins with 31 chains. Via returning, 30 needles, 31. THREE needles are made. This process can be the same within the different corner.

2) A TOTAL of 6 widespread needles are made in 2 areas, 3 of which might be made with THREE common needles in the nook. This will likely be the similar in the different corner.

3) In The next rows, THREE common needles are added to the two spaces of the three frequent needles.

* A TOTAL of 10 rows are larger on the corners.

* 112 needles are shaped at the finish of 10 rows.

4) FORTY EIGHT rows of 112 needles are knitted to raise and end the bottom.


Your macrame bag is about!

Happy days.

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