Making a Babette with a Bow

Hi everybody!

We introduced you an excessively fashionable ballet knitting trend.

This ballet that we will be able to knit the usage of a ready-made sole may be very sensible and simple!


1 Snowball Baby One Red (K150) color hand knitting yarn 1 24-25 quantity able base2 mm crochet



1) Ranging From the middle of the heel part during the holes on the sole, we take a loop and wrap around the sole. We knit three bases round each and every base, taking 3 loops from each and every slot.

bow-child-babette-construction-1 bow-to-kid-babet-yapimi-1

2) We do double handrails for 1 row by wrapping around the waist, now not the top of the loops we got rid of.

bow-boy-babette-making-2 bow-boy-babette-making-2

3) Meanwhile crochet we knit rubber.

We do a front, a back wrap as proven in the image underneath.





FOUR) We knit a crochet tire with none additional aid and build up. We mark the middle of the boot from the front. We count and mark 14 loops from the left and proper of the place we marked. we will decrease the 24 stitches that we have now marked in the subsequent order.

bow-child-babette-construction-5 bow-to- child-babeti-yapimi-FIVE

5) We knit a rubber knit till we mark it.

In the gathering procedure, we knit the loops not in twice, however in thrice. So we make triple handrails. we’ve got made a decline 14 instances. bow-child-babette-construction-6 bow-child- babeti-yapimi-6

6) We make crocheted tires with double handrails till 2 loops sooner than the place we started to lose. We knit 9 occasions with triple handrails and crochet the rest loops with double handrails.

7) At this time, we knit as in different rows. We visit the last row by way of making 7 decrements within the nostril phase.

EIGHT) We end by means of unmarried handrail alongside 1 row.

bow-to-child-ballet-making-7 bow-to-child-ballet-making-7


1) We Begin via pulling 15 chains.

2) We get 13 rectangles alongside 5 rows to obtain a rectangle.

3) In Spite Of Everything, we knit the rectangle across the rectangle with 1 needle.

FOUR) We supply a bow form and tie it in the middle.

bow-to-child-ballet yapim i-8 bow-kid-babette-making-8

FIVE) We make 2 pompoms and sew them in the middle of the bows.

 bow-boy-ballet-making-9 bow-boy-ballet-making-NINE

6 ) We tightly stitch the bows over the ballet from the shirring section where handiest the pompom is.

bow-boy-ballet-making bow-to-kid-ballet-making

I want everybody comfort!

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