Making a Baby Blanket with Bow

Hello everybody!

Now We Have prepared for you the construction of the child blanket style we now have noticed recently.

< p dir = "ltr"> Let’s start knitting this gorgeous type very quickly!


5 Snowballs Child One Cream ( K019) colour hand knitting thread3.5 mm trimmed spit4 color ribbon

the right way to make

1) We Begin our blanket with 228 stitches.

2 ) We knit 2 enamel of harosa.

3) We knit 2 loops at the obverse. . We Will at all times knit 2 stitches on the starting and end as harasha. We take our thread to the back, that is, towards ourselves and transfer it to our different business without knitting EIGHT loops. We put our thread forward and knit 8 loops of harosa. We knit the loops that we skipped from the backside, and the opposite 8 knitting harosha. on this approach, we continue to knit until EIGHT tooth are flawed.

with bow -baby-blanket-making-1

with bow-child-blanket-making-1



baby-blanket with bow- made-3

with bow-child-blanket-made-THREE

FOUR) Then we continue to knit within the related method but vice versa, that may be, by skipping the rope over the harosha, over the loops that we skipped as harosa.

FIVE) We whole our blanket when it reaches the required dimension.

6) We go the ribbon and tie it to the parts the place we skipped. you’ll see this procedure extra obviously in the picture under.

bow-baby-blanket-construction-4 bow-child-blanket -yapimi-FOUR

you’ll make any decoration on the edge of the blanket.

bow-baby-blanket-made bow-baby-blanket-made

Well Being for your hands!

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