Making a Baby Scarf

Hi everyone!

There are many more for winter but we’ve got ready an overly adorable shawl development for those who want to spend their vacation with knitting and getting ready for the winter!

Let’s start knitting this lovely scarf!


1 Piece Snowball Baby One Light Purple (K782) colour hand knitting yarn THREE.FIVE mm skewer Medium size plastic white pearl


1) We Begin with 42 loops.

2) We knit 3 enamel harosha.

3) 6 loops at the beginning and finish are harosha, We knit 12 rows so that the loops in between are flat.

4) We make 6 loops of harosha, 6 loops of flat knitting. In different words, we take the again of the thread, we take the reverse stitches within the first row below to our proper skewers, we take the primary loop on the left skewer to the fitting one, pass the loop we take from the ground and take our thread forward.

5) 12 We knit a flat sew and re-knit it, and knit 6 loops straight and knit 6 stitches.

6) We make a 4-fold mixing pattern in this method.

7) We knit the entire loops as much as the opposite end with the duration we would like and placed our blending trend in the same method.

8) We sew our pompoms through shrinking the ideas with a needle. We embellish our scarf with pearls.

Our scarf is about!


you’ll be able to mix this cute scarf with our Mixing Child Beanie type.

Health on your hand!

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