Making a Burgundy Men’s Hat

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We introduced you a shockingly simple twisted beret knitting development.

Your family members will love this twisted beret you can easily knit!

Let’s get started knitting right now!


Los Angeles Mia Wool Easy hand knitting threads;
1 Navy Blue (L202) color thread
1 Smoked (L207) colour thread 5 mm spit Wool needle Needle Pompomatic

You’ll Be Able To throw the top measurement of the individual you might be going to knit for the size and resolve your number of stitches thus.

we begin with the smoked colour thread.

1. We stitch 60 loops in our bottle.

2. We knit 2 reverse, 2 flat rubber knits for 15 rows.

Navy blue rope

3. We knit FOUR more rows of rubber knitting within the form of 2 inverted, 2 flat.

4. in fifth position after we come to the loops that we knit flat, we make a twirl by way of taking the other bottle from the again loop.

we continue this manner. This procedure is repeated 7 occasions in general.

5. after we come to the remaining row, we reduce the selection of stitches into halves via cutting 2 stitches 2 by means of 2.

6. We cut the thread on the needle for an extended time with out getting rid of the loops from the needle and we take the loops at the needle into the needle. We contract our knitting.

7. After remaining the top, we continue to sew our knitting down from the aspect. Our beret is shaped.

8. After stitching our closing pompom, our beret is set to wear!

Word: To be sure the stitches are not sure i like to recommend you to reverse the first and remaining loops. In this manner, while the stitching degree is reached, the sewing places aren’t transparent handiest whilst it’s sewn in the course of the opposite braids.

And it is finished!

Happy want you will have wonderful knitting days.

Making a Burgundy Men's Hat

Making a Burgundy Men’s Hat

Well Being for your hand!

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