Making a Child Skirt with Hanger


I knit for you a adorable suspenders skirt.

Each very easy and really beautiful a knitting pattern. I’m certain you’re going to like it too.

Let’s get started at the moment!


Kartopu No: 1 Water Inexperienced (K507) color hand knitting thread 4.5 mm crochet2


1) Let’s pull 93 chains in combination and start.

2) Let’s do tire work with 2 entrance teeth and 1 rear enamel.

THREE) Let’s visit the style after FIVE rows of tires.

< h3 dir = "ltr"> Model

1) 2 handrails, skip 2 chains, 2 handrails, 2 chains, 2 handrails, 2 chains to the following slot Let’s go to the end of the row.

2) Let’s make 2 handrails, 2 chains and a pair of handrails to the places where we pull 2 ​​chains. Let’s make double handrails to double handrail groups. There are 4.

THREE) Let’s make 2 handrails, 2 chains and a pair of handrails to the places where we pull 2 ​​chains. Let’s double sink into the primary and last handrails of the 4 handrails. there were 6 handrails.

suspended-child-skirt-making-1 suspended-child-skirt-making- 1

FOUR) Let’s knit the type as a lot as it does without expanding 20 rows.

20 rows had been sufficient for me. you’ll modify the length consistent with your wishes.


1) Let’s tie a string throughout the waist and knit 14 needles.

2 ) Let’s continue to knit for 25 rows with out expanding or decreasing.

suspended-child-skirt-making-2 sushi-kid-skirt-making-2

THREE) Then let’s knit 80 rows with 7 frequent needles again.

hanging-child-skirt-making-3 striking-kid-skirt-making-3

FOUR) Let’s knit 2 needles, pull THREE chains and 2 needles for buttonhole m. Let’s make 7 frequent needles on the top row with the frequent needle on. Let’s knit and lower yet one more row.

5) Let’s do the similar for the remaining 7 widespread needle items.

6) Let’s sew the buttons to the fitting puts at the waist of the skirt.

Suspended skirt is set to be used!

hanging-child-skirt-making striking-kid-skirt-making

Well Being for your hand.

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