Making a Colorful Pleated Baby Vest

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We brought you a shirring knitting pattern that you just can simply make to your young children! Alize Batik hand knitting yarn4.FIVE mm swell Button Needle


Our fashion is appropriate for 2-3 years old.

1) We knit loops.

2) We knit 4 enamel harosa.

Let’s now not disregard to make a buttonhole within the second row. in a while, let’s make a buttonhole in 12 rows.

3) EIGHT tooth of harosha (will proceed to be fixed alongside the knitting as a result of the pat), NINE straight, 1 build up, 1 straight, 1 build up , 10 immediately, 1 increase, 1 instantly, 1 build up, 14 instantly, 1 build up, 1 immediately, 1 increase, 10 instantly, 1 build up, 1 immediately, 1 build up, 9 directly, 8 tooth haroşa we can continue our robots to be fastened).

4) We building up 1 instantly stitches to the precise and left of one straight stitches in each instantly row.

< strong> FIVE) When the choice of increments is 20, we minimize the sleeves, combine the loops under the arm and knit the trunk together.

6) We knit the hands first and then the body. After knitting the hands with 20 cm of flat knitting, we finish knitting with FOUR enamel of harosha.

7) After the arm is reduce, 20 cm of 3 shirring models shall be carried out and four enamel of harosa knitting will be knitted and finished.

Shirred Development:

Flat knit is knitted along the row. (front face) Back knit is knitted along the row. (reverse aspect) 2 inverted, 1 building up, THREE shirring, 1 build up, 2 inverting, 1 build up, 3 shirring, 1 increase, 2 inverting alongside the road…. knit to be. (front side) Knit along the road as 2 immediately, THREE reverse, 2 directly, THREE opposite … (reverse face)
So the reverse loops will probably be knitted in opposite, the directly loops will likely be knitted flat. 2 reverse, THREE straight, 2 reverse, 3 immediately… will likely be knitted inside the row. (front side) Knit along the road as 2 immediately, THREE reverse, 2 directly, THREE reverse … (reverse facet)

THREE. repeat from the beginning.

iced-baby-vest-making-1 iced-baby-vest- making-1

We sew buttons and our mane is about!

Simple to return.

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