Making a cute baby beanie with pompom

Hi everyone!

We’ve ready a toddler beanie that knitting learners can easily knit.

Let’s start knitting this adorable baby beanie very quickly!


La Mia Child Cotton hand knitting threads;
Lilac (L042) color thread
Mild Blue (L036) color ip4 mm skewer Wool needleHead or rope pompoms


Dimensions Appropriate for six-twelve months old babies.

1) We Commence our industry via throwing 78 loops.

2) 6 rows 1 we knit the rubber knitting with the bottom as 1 flat.

3) Then we knit harosa with 25 tooth. throughout the ultimate harosha we minimize one of the loops on the starting, heart and finish of our knitting and reduce the quantity by 3 loops.

4) After knitting the haha, we knit 12 rows of rubber in 1 opposite and 1 flat. and we switch it by means of needle sewing the needle on the spit.

5) We additionally whole the brink seam and minimize the thread.

6) We fasten our pompoms fabricated from rope to the highest.

It’s that simple!


Well Being for your fingers!

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