Making a Floral Bandana

Hello everyone!

When You want to embellish your hair with flora and butterflies, you can take a look at this pretty type.

Let’s get started knitting the headscarf in an instant!


SMC Catania hand knitting threads;
White (00106) color thread
Yellow (00403) color thread
Green (00241) colour thread3.5 mm needle2.5 mm crochet wool needle Butterfly bead


The white color is knitted with a string.

1) The bottle is stitched with 14 stitches and EIGHTY FOUR teeth are knit in a way that is stitched with a wool needle.

it is knitted with a yellow thread.

2) 10 holes are made into the magic ring and a couple of chains are drawn. 8 handrails are collected in the crochet hook via pulling the head and pulling it without delay. it’s pulled immediately and 3 chains are drawn once more and it is sunk into the 3rd hollow. Our fiber flower is completed with FOUR handrails in each and every hollow.

Inexperienced color is knitted with rope.

3) 11 chains are drawn. Frequent needles, false widespread needles, double handrails, triple handrails, 2 times of the pinnacle of the crochet hook and a handrail are made. Then it’s repeated within the same order and our leaf is created. We knit some other certainly one of the similar.

We stitch our fiber plants, leaves and butterfly beads and entire our banquet.

Health on your palms!

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