Making a Lying Beanie with Beret

Hi everyone!

If it’s difficult for you to make a beret with a scarf, there may be a very simple one here!

people who are just starting to knit our false beret fashion can easily knit.

Immediately Let’s get started!


Snowball Child One Orange (K1212) colour hand knitting yarn FOUR mm skewers


1) ONE HUNDRED loops are started . The First row is knitted with 1 reverse and 1 flat rubber knit.

2) With the Thessaloniki fashion, the rubber knitting is finished via knitting 12 rows.

4) 2 thread harosa knit is knitted. Again, 2 teeth are knitted after which 6 rows of one row of reverse and 1 row of simple weave are knitted till they reach the specified duration.

the reason why we call false lies is that: We do not mix while knitting. After the whole knitting is done, we make the knots by making nodes among the two pests as noticed in the photos beneath.




6) After making forged knots, the rope is pulled to the back and hidden.

you’ll additionally do it through putting accessories like beads or pearls in puts.


7) Bindings are made in a way that there will be FIVE undeniable weaves in among. the following binding is finished between the two peaks.

The binding procedure starts below the cap.

8) In The End the puckering is done, it contracts from the top. The beret is finished via sewing from the aspect.

Your beret is about, to boot as your pompom.


Well Being on your hands!

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