Making a Pink Floral Bandana for Babies

Hi everybody!

We Have an excessively cute bandana fashion for your young children.

you can knit this pretty bandana as a toddler reward for your loved ones.

Let’s get started knitting presently!


Etrofil Baby Lux hand knitting threads;
Ecru (70121) color thread
Green (70445) color thread
Purple (70366) color thread2 mm crochet


We knit in ecru color rope.

1) Let’s pull 50 chains.

2 ) Let’s make 2 triple handrails in the comparable hole at the back of the final 3 chains. Let’s pull 2 ​​chains and make 3 triple handrails within the comparable hole again. Let’s twist the braid and pull 2 ​​chains and attach it to the space with a needle, and make it 22 through doing THREE chains and making 2 triple handrails, 2 chains, 3 triple handrails to the space.

3) Finally, let’s end 50 chains once more.

Let’s enhance the highest with plants and leaves.


We knit with red color thread.

 1) Let’s make a ring with 5 chains.

2) Let’s pull 3 chains and make 1 double handrail into the ring and move up with THREE chains into the newly shaped ring. Let’s make 5 double handrails. Then, let’s repair it with the needle in the ring we made first. Let’s make 6 this way. Let’s come to the highest with the chain execution methodology from the primary 3 chains we made.

3) To make the 2d flooring of our flower, we pull 3 chains and fix it to the third chain of the leaf we made earlier. In this fashion, let’s create 6 chain blanks and create FIVE handrails, 3 chains with a complete of 6 leaves, and shut them with needles. baby-pink-flower-bandana-made

Leaves (2 items)

We knit with inexperienced thread.

1) We pull EIGHT chains and take 1 widespread needles, fake widespread needles, double handrails, triple handrails, via wrapping the pinnacle of the crochet twice, we make the handrails by means of pulling the head of the crochet two times and pulling it thrice and pulling FIVE chains into the final chain. We do the same on the opposite side and complete it.

That Is it!

babies- pink-flower-bandana-made


Well Being in your hand!

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