Making a Puffy Square Motif


I Will Be Able To tell you how to make a puffy square motif inside of.

you’ll be able to use this motif simply in any roughly your challenge.

i’m hoping you knit with pleasure.

Let’s start knitting this easy development right away!


Snowball Amigurumi Orange (K1250) colour hand knitting yarn 2.FIVE mm crochet


1) Let’s make 8 double handrails to the magic ring with 2 chains between them. < /

2) Let’s draw 3 chains and make 4 puffs in each and every slot. Let’s no longer omit to attract 4 chains among the pouffes. At The Same Time As puffing, we pretend to make double handrails and go out only once, we relax the opposite threads at the crochet hook. After doing this procedure for a complete of four occasions, let’s pull all of the loops we hang on the crochet in combination.

THREE) Let’s make 2 quadruple puffs in every slot formed. Let’s no longer put out of your mind to attract FOUR chains between the entire poufs. Let’s make THREE triple handrails, THREE chains, 3 triple handrails within the space. Let’s make THREE double handrails in the subsequent 3 areas. Let’s no longer neglect to drag 2 ​​chains among Trabzan groups. Let’s repeat this procedure until the tip of the row.

5) Let’s make 3 handrails, THREE chains, 3 handrails within the slot among the triple handrails. Let’s make 3 handrails inside the other slots. Let’s draw 2 chains between the groups.

Puffy square motif within!

ici-puflu-square-motif-making ici-puflu-square-motif-construction

Come easy now.

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