Making a Rabbit Figure Child Scarf


Yarnend Classic Baby rope;
1 Blue color rope
1 Yellow colour ip1 Snowball Chunk Cream color ip4 adhesive eye or eye-like button3.FIVE mm skewer3 mm Crochet 2 red pompoms Wool needle



1) 38 loops get started.

2)   1 inverted, 1 flat rubber knit until 1.20 cm long and sewn and sewed by means of two ends.

Ears (4 pieces)

Start with blue thread.

1) 15 stitches get started .

2) We knit 15 rows as simple weave.

3) Both in the immediately route A loop is minimize from either side. After knitting 1 more row in the other way, the yellow thread is changed.

4) Knit with a yellow thread until it reaches the length of the blue.

We sew the attention or eye-taking a look button within the center.

Rabbit Cheeks (2 items)

Start with white velvet rope.

1) Start with THIRTEEN chains. 11 double handrails are made at the chain.

2) 9 double handrails are made by way of subtracting one loop from each side.

3) 7 double handrails are made by way of reducing one sew on all sides.

4) 9 double handrails are made by expanding one stitch on each side.

5) 11 double handrails are made by way of expanding one stitch on both sides.

Will Increase and decreases are made on both sides on the beginning and at the finish of the row.

Enamel (2 items)

We Commence with a yellow thread.

1) 8 chains are began through pulling .

2) 6 double handrails are made ranging from the third chain.

On the opposite side of the chain, 6 double handrails are made. 2 chains are pulled and sunk in the position the place the remaining handrail is made.

The rope is left long to stitch.

Mutual rabbit figures are stitched by shirring the weft ends.

First cheeks, noses, eyes, enamel and ears are sewn.

Weft with rabbit determine is set!

I upload my different recipes with rabbit figures, you can additionally weave them and entire the team if you happen to wish.

making a Kid’s Figure with Rabbit Figures

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