Making a Square Basket with Combed Rope

Hello !

We got here up with an overly nice basket trend that you simply can knit with our colourful combed cotton threads!

you can get started knitting this beautiful basket right away.

Let’s get started knitting!


Spaghetti Combed Cotton hand knitting threads;
Fuchsia (1) color thread
Gentle Rose Dried (2) color thread One piece La Mia Herbal Jute Cord jute ip9 mm crochet


Fuchsia colour is knitted with thread.

1. The magic ring is made first.

2. 3 needles are knitted in it.

3. the ring is joined with the fourth needle.

4. Three common needles are made into every frequent needle in the 2nd row.

5. in the third row, 3 widespread needles are persevered by means of making 3 needles, and the other one through the use of one widespread needle. < /

6. within the subsequent rows, three of the triple corner scissors needles er to the specified dimension pieces incessantly carried out pin.

7. Body reversed when it began to weave and knit stitch is shifted batılarak each and every gap. on this means, the whole row is finished.

8. on the end of the row, the knit is became straight and a needle is made in each space, and a body is began to be shaped. weave wall will get up.

9. To create the wall trend, the fashion will also be created via dipping the highest of the primary needle under the second frequent needle.

on this method, the basket half is fuchsia colour and the opposite part is knitted through applying wall development with gentle rose color thread.

a work of jute rope is placed on the mouth of the basket and a bow is made.

combed-ip-with-square -basket-making

Well Being to your arms!

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