Making a Square Motif Blanket

Hello everyone!

We brought you an excessively simple-to-knit blanket trend.

you can have this beautiful blanket through combining your favorite colours!

Let’s start if you happen to are ready. !


Loren Herbal Cotton hand knitting yarns;
Red (R098) color thread
Gray (R079) color thread
Pastel Yellow (R086) colour ip3 mm crochet


We knit with pink colour thread.

1) We make a magic ring and make THREE double handrails inside of. We pull 2 ​​intermediate chains. We make 3 double handrails and again we create our intermediate chain by means of pulling 2 chains. on this means, we proceed and unite with FOUR corners. We whole our first line.

square-motif-blanket-construction-1 square-motif-blanket-construction-1 sq. -motif-blanket-yapimi-1

2) To get to the second row, we pull 2 ​​chains and knit double handrails until they arrive to the corner. As for the corner, we knit 2 double handrails, 2 chains and a pair of double handrails and proceed to the other nook. that is how we entire our 2nd row.

square-motif-blanket-construction-2 square-motif-blanket- we make 4 rows through knitting the construction-2

3) this way. we want to knit on all sides so as of three handrails, 6 handrails, 9 handrails, 12 handrails, 15 handrails.

20190520_224327.jpg square-patterned-blanket-making-3

We knit with gray thread.

4) 5. WHEN WE visit the road, we knit 1 more row and our motif is finished.

square-motif-blanket-construction-4 square-motif -blanket-made-4

I made a blanket with 8 * EIGHT = FIFTY SIX motifs, you’ll design a larger or smaller blanket. you can combine motifs with crochet or sew.

square-motif-blanket-construction-5 square-motif- blanket-yapimi-5

I used the chickpea fashion at the aspect. you’ll decorate the edges as you wish.

square-pattern-blanket-construction-6 sq.-pattern-blanket-development -6

Our blanket is about!

square-pattern-blanket-making square-development-blanket-making

Well Being on your fingers already!

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