Making a Tie Sweater

Making a Tie Sweater
Making a Tie Sweater

Hello ,

We Are right here with an excessively easy sweater recipe so we can keep your children heat.

We additionally added a sweet or candy tie recipe next to the sweater.

Your threads If it is in a position, let’s get started knitting the tie sweater recipe straight away!


L. A. Mia Wool Easy rope;
2 Army Blue (L202) color threads
1 Mustard Yellow (L204) colour thread

* Suitable for 7 years old youngsters.


1) It begins with 20 loops.

2) It begins to knit as FIVE harosha, 10 flat knit, 5 haroha.

3) 12 rows are greater 1 by means of 1.

4) 10 loops are got rid of within the row and mixed with the other collar.

5) The haroshaes in the internal of the collar are knitted in 6 rows.

6) 6 rows of harosha in SIXTEEN rows of collar begin to knit flat. the 2 sides proceed with FIVE loops of peace.


1) seventeenth row is greater from the armpit.

2) 2 will increase are made in the 18th row and mixed with the again face.

baby sweater with tie


1) FIFTY SEVEN rows of knit flat.

< strong> 2) 10 rows of two opposite, 2 flat tires are knitted.

baby sweater with tie


* It begins from the top of the tie.

1) < / strong> Get Started with 2 loops.

2) 6 rows are knit together till they succeed in 14 loops with 2 increments.

THREE) are knitted with harosa for FIFTY TWO rows with 14 loops it is completed.

FOUR) For the triangular a part of the tie, knit for ten rows with 22 stitches.

FIVE) This piece is also The sweater is sewn to the collar and completed.

way to you, your kids will stay warm!

Use on great days.

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